Beatrice Eli

Die Another Day

Watch the new music video for the title track Die Another Day. Shot in Berlin and Stockholm in the summer of 2014. Directed by Siri Hjorton Wagner

Read what director Siri says about the video:

We shot Die Another Day after a heavy spring and summer. Both me, Beatrice and most of our friends were really depressed but at the same time trying to stay together and trying to have fun. To me that is what the song is about, a search for something meaningful to live for, not for the rest of your life, but to make it through the day. In our case it was the parties and the friendship.

We took the whole budget for the video and bought plane tickets to Berlin, the perfect place for melancholy and euphoria. We invited people to sangria-parties at the place where we were staying, and now and then I pressed play and asked Beatrice to lip synch. We brought the camera and a portable speaker wherever we went, in order to be able to shoot material whenever we felt like it. Out of all of these places and parties DoP Lisabi Fridell created magical images.
I had a few things I wanted to have in the video; I wanted her to lip synch the whole video, I wanted people to really see the colour of her eyes, I wanted to capture her laughing and I wanted everyone who saw the video to fall in love with her. I think I succeeded with all four. Eventually in Berlin, we all got salmonella from an eggs Benedict, lost 10 kilos each, went back to Sweden and got new tattoos. No one died.